Panel 2 - Vivisection is ethically unjustifiable

5. To test the effects of burns, this dog was burned alive at the Shriner's Hospital, Cincinnati, USA.
Courtesy of P.E.T.A. (1980's-1990's)

6. A cat with implanted electrodes. Cats are popular subjects of neurophysiology experiments because vivisectors think that their brain has similarities with the human brain.
Photo from Poland (1994)

7. Iguana with implanted electrodes. The photo was taken by an Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activist during a raid on the Institut National Scientifique de l'Etude et de Recherche Medicale in Paris.
Courtesy of P.E.T.A. (1990's)

8. This dog's leg was deliberately shattered with a hammer for the purpose of inducing psychological stress. The dog received no anaesthetic nor medical treatment during or after the injury was inflicted.
Photo drawn from: Entering the Gates of Hell, IAAPEA (1980's).

9. A hole was drilled into the monkey's head and a probe placed inside for injecting various chemical substances. Experiments of this kind often last for months.
Photo drawn from: Entering the Gates of Hell, IAAPEA (1980's).

10. Experiments on cats carried out in Japan.
Photo obtained from BUAV (1990's)