27. This dog was rescued from a laboratory where it had been subjected to experiments on his hind legs.
Photo drawn from JAVA (Japan Anti Vivisection Association). (1990's).

28. A rat in a restraining device, about to be subjected to an experiment on the brain. (UK).
Photo drawn from: Annual Pictioral Review of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection. (1950's - early 1970's).

29. A rabbit who is recovering after a surgical experiment. He was afterwards used in other experiments.
Photo drawn from: Entering the Gates of Hell. (1980's).

30. This hamster is being subjected to a procedure intended to draw a blood sample from his eye.
(Source unknown).

31. Monkeys in a restraining device subjected to neurological experiments conducted by Dr. Edward Taub. Dr. Taub is the only vivisector to have been tried and sentenced for cruelty to animals. Later, on appeal he was exculpated for a legal cavil: his experiments were not subjected to animal protection regulations.
Source: Labs of the Institute for Behavioral Research, Silver Spring, USA. (Date: 1981).